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The Dog House

We are a Minecraft Hypixel guild. At the Dog House we strive to become the
friendliest, and allaround best guild.

Some things we are good at.

We at the Dog House have events frequently. We usually team up with another allied
guild and have an event together.

If you want to have fun while still having social contact, you can always play with us or just talk!

This may seem like a cliche, but the members of this guild are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


Even though we are a small guild. We are active pretty much all the time.


We are a friendly guild.
You are guaranteed to never face any form of toxcicity.


We offer a wide selection of never seen before features like a cloud server!


They were not pressured into saying anything. We are NOT holding Dogritos hostage right now.

"Since I have joined this guild I find myself a better person. At the beggining I was as you wuold say toxic but now i feel more like says gg then L."


"I love this guild because it is loving and caring, with zero toxicity. I never plan on leaving."


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